Five Toes-Two Tongued Cat
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
  Two-Tongued Cat T-Shirts For Sale
I finally found some time and uploaded a couple of photos on to create T-Shirts for sale. I also added in three of my mom's original animal artwork designs to be placed on T-shirts as well.
Here is the links for both stores.

Five Toes Two-Tongued Cat T-shirts

My Mom's Original Animal Artwork of a Ram, a Bald Eagle, and Two birds

Enjoy the shirts!
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I wish you success with your photos and sales and new site. This can is an amazing cat. I recently saw a picture of her elswhere too so people (me included unknowingly) took a copy. Look up the way in which you can block people from copying your photos. Really. I think I found a script for it once on bravenet. If you can't do it on a blog don't blog pics of the cat as this might be a wonderful thing for you and just do a site where you can use the html script. Sincerely
Please get Five Toes spayed. She'll live a longer, healthier life! It sends out a bad message that it's good to let cats breed when we know it's not. Too many are killed each year at shelters, please, spay Five Toes!
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Hi there! Good Job!
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