Five Toes-Two Tongued Cat
Thursday, July 28, 2005
  Five Toes Bio

Name: Five Toes
Breed:Black Burmese Mix
Abnormalities:Two-tongues (both tongues are the same size) and Polydactylism
Year the two-tongues was discovered:In the morning of late December of 2004
Age:Over four years old
Residence:Dobson, NC (small southern town out in the country)
Registered Pedigree:Household Pet Cat
Breed Registry:United Feline Organization (UFO), Bradenton, Florida (Thanks Colleen)
Owners:Delores Whittington (She is an artist, an inventor, and owns Little Rose Kennel where she breeds Dalmatians and Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dogs.) and William Whittington (He is a truck driver.)
Favorite Foods:Special, Kitty, Purina Cat Chow, Iams, and Meow Mix in both wet and dry varities
Favorite Activities:playing with her cat toys, sleeping, and bird watching (especially the three birds that I own)
Favorite Past Times:playing with lots and lots of fresh catnip and showing off her two tongues
Favorite TV Show:of course, watching videos of herself
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Location: Dobson, North Carolina, United States
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